Admiral Gimpy Swimming to Shore – Admiral Gimpy showing off her three legged swimming technique

Anchors Aweigh – 11/10/10 – Leaving Miami headed towards Bimini.

Entering Bimini 11/10/10 – Entering the port of Bimini

Exploring The Wreck of the Sapona

Crossing the Great Bahama Bank – 11/17/10 – Two day trip from Gun Cay to Great Harbour Cay

Great Harbour Cay

Blue Hole at Hoffman’s Cay

6 Responses to Videos

  1. momma says:

    Breathtaking. You planned so long and worked so hard for this. You believed Dad’s story endings that You can do anything you want, all you have to do is try. You all impress me. I love you. Go with God.

  2. Anna says:

    Love Gimpy swimming! Wishing you all the best. Sorry we couldn’t make it out to the farewell party.

  3. Aunt Joey says:

    OMG, those Traynor men are so handsome! No wonder they have such beautiful wives!!!! The videos are incredible. I wish you could see the smile they have put on my face. Can’t wait to see more. Love you guys.

  4. Grandpa & B-nana says:

    What a great birthday present. Still standing at 82. Keep on sailing another nautical mile. Call us when you reach the South Pole. Happy sailing and greetings to Admiral Gimpy and all of the crew.

  5. Arlo & Patti says:

    Great Video’s – Looks like you two are having way too much fun! Keep up the video’s and postings for the rest of us that are still tied to the dock!

    - fair winds
    Arlo and Patti

  6. ann says:

    Great video-love the music!You all look great!Continue having fun.Take care!

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