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The Salty Dog is a 1985 E38 Endeavour Monohull Sloop.  She was built in Largo Florida by Endeavour Yachts and designed by the world reknowned designer Johan Valentijn.

We began searching for a sailboat in 2008 and after spending hours and days on the internet decided that we wanted a monohull as large as we can but no larger than 40′.  (40′ being the cutoff at many marinas for a larger more expensive slip).  We did most of our searching on yachtworld.com and most of our research at cruisersforum.com.  The first boat we saw at Dinner Key Marina was an early 80′s 39′ Morgan in pretty rough shape. At the time we were very impressed, maybe because of our excitement at the fact that it was in our price range, but we thought it was a very nice boat.  We looked at about 6 or 7 other boats other than that and thought about the same thing….”looks good, I think I could like on that..”.  One day we drove to Ft. Lauderdale to look at a 37′ Irwin, which was a brand we had already looked at and knew we liked.

We met with the gentleman and he showed us his boat, which he had done a lot of work to and had added many extras but overall was a little rough.  Ted really liked the how much room was inside except that the headroom was about 2 inches short for him to stand in except at maybe the galley.  Ted was ready to settle but Shannon quickly brought him back to the reality that he will have to live in this space.  The owner of the Irwin said “well you should ask my neighbor Terry, I think he is selling his boat and it has plenty of headroom.”   This gentleman proceeded to knock on the bow of the boat next door yelling “Terry! Terry!” Terry came above and greeted us and showed us the boat.  

As soon as we went below we were immediately in love.  While Terry was pointing out areas of the boat and speaking we both looked at each other and mouthed “I love it!” to each other behind his back.  We had to keep a straight face during our first tour, both knowing that we had just stepped foot on our new home. After a few weeks of surveys, sea trials, and fake “highest price I will pay” bluffs,  we were proud owners of a beautiful vessel. (We still get goosebumps recounting that story). We moved aboard in November 2009.

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  1. momma says:

    even now, looking at her is breathtaking

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