Offerings to Poseidon

This is a list of all the things that have fallen off of our boat into the sea. Our hope is that Poseidon will repay our generosity with a bounty of fish and crustaceans.

1. Metal spoon
2. Florida Gators Styrofoam Cooler
3. 30 amp shore power adapter
4. 2 Rags
5. An embarrassment of clothespins
6. Shell Lumber bucket with line attached
7. Plastic serving spoon
8. Fishing lure (cut fishing line while trying to rescue the shell lumber bucket)
9. Ziploc 1-Gallon Bag
10. Calphalon sauce pan
11. Sponge
12. Filet Cutting Board (we found it washed on shore at Gun Cay and I guess now someone else will find it)
13. Boat Hook
14. Straw Hat that actually fit Ted’s head
15. Boat Scraper (it was tied to the boat while the Captain and First Mate were cleaning the bottom of the Salty Dog, but it mysteriously untied itself from a bowline)
16. Replacement Straw Hat that actually fit Ted’s head
17. Sink strainer
18. Kayak paddle
19. Bucket with line attached
20. Brass Padlock
22. 2006 5hp Mercury four stroke engine (doh!)
23. Another bucket and line
24. Chisel (fell out of pocket while cleaning the bottom)

2 Responses to Offerings to Poseidon

  1. Aunt Joey says:

    Just as long as no two or four legged mammal fall overboard, the rest can be replaced. :)

  2. Dude, a Florida Gators styrofoam cooler fell in and you didn’t jump in to retrieve it? Major FAIL.

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