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On this portion of the page we are going to attempt to record every dollar we spend on the trip.  In our nearly two years of research for this project one of our biggest questions was “how much will it cost?”.  We found different estimates from different places and some people who kept very accurate records of their expenditures.  Everyone of course does this sort of cruising differently and therefore spends more or less depending upon lifestyle.  We did not include any information on the purchase of the boat, the outfitting of the boat, or the other equipment, tools, and provisions which we bought before we embarked.  Partially because we would have to go back and look up this information and partially because if we knew the true amount it might make us cry! Since first leaving Miami the following is an account of every dollar spent.  (Please note that this does also not include: boat finance payments, boat insurance, travelers health insurance, and 5′x5′ storage unit rental fees).

April Belize
1 Belizean Dollar = $0.50 USD

March 3/1-3/15 in Mexico, 3/16-3/31 in Belize
1 Peso is approximately $0.113 USD

1 Belizean Dollar = $0.50 USD, amounts below in USD

-Belize Entry Fee
-Sailor Juice
-Boat Parts
-Fax to AirTran
-Street Food (burgers, burritos)
-Bike Seat
-Gimpy Pedicure
-Frontline & Heartguard
-Calling Card
-Kayak, Paddles & Painter
-Birthday Dinner
-Dinner @ Tacklebox

February Mexico
1 Peso is approximately $0.113 USD , amounts below in Pesos

-Entry Fee
-Copies of important documents
-Street tacos, burritos, flautas, etc.
-Sailor Juice
-Gasoline $100
-Diesel $1229
-Alternator Repair/Mechanic $1700
-Propane $200
-Laundry $60
-Internet $30
-Dockage at Marina Paraiso while in US
-Trip to airport (taxi, ferry, van, bus)


-Groceries $410.41
-Conch Fritters $52
-Laundry $6
-Sailor Juice $265.20
-Diesel & Gasoline $190.79
-Pump Out $10
-Coffee, Internet,Printing $4.35
-Mechanic for Alternator $60
-Alternator Repair $99.80
-New Alternator $415
-Satellite Phone $5
-Water $20
-Outboard engine mechanic w/ carb cleaner $61.85
-Boat parts $299.04
-Pole spears & Hawaiian Sling $98.95
-Defog for masks $7.95
-Cab ride to pick up Manson anchor $20
-Cab ride from grocery store $12


-Entry Fee $300
-Gasoline $25.65
-Diesel $249.50
-Boat Scraper $8
-Sailor Juice $14
-Groceries $7.59
-Laundry $4
-Marina (3 nights) $114.70
-Call Home $3
-Dinner out $20

7 Responses to Fine Ance$

  1. Aunt Joey says:

    I think someone is fibbing – only 1 bottle of rum? Is that daily???

  2. kyle says:

    that goombay punch looks tasty

  3. Bobby McGibbs says:

    What up Captain Ted and Shannon! I just saw the pics on the website and they look bad ass! I am so happy for the two of you…you are living the dream kidz! We have our playoff game on Saturday lol …wish us luck. Pick me up a case of Kalik Golds on your way back…be safe and have fun!

  4. Carlos Zepeda says:

    If money starts to get tight you can always hunt for sunken treasure.

  5. Sarah Cash says:

    Hi guys! Sounds like you’re having a blast! So jealous of your both. Stay safe :)

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