Catch of the Day

This page is to keep track of all fish, crustaceans, maybe even mammals one day that we catch.  I know that we have a number of friends who are “semi-professional” fisherman and will scoff at this list but whatever…we’re here and they ain’t!

June 22 A slew of lionfish

May-June 13 We have been in protected waters and the Rio Dulce so we have not caught or speared anything other than Lionfish and conch.

End of February-April We have run out of all our fishing lures and will be searching for some more in Belize. Also, Ted cut his foot pretty bad on something underwater, so Shannon will now be hunting for conch in the protected waters of Belize. Ted will be doing 12 ounce arm curls.

January 21, 2011-Largest Hogfish speared, to date

December 20, 2010-Mahi Mahi caught en route to George Town, Bahamas

December 20, 2010-Yellowfin Tuna caught en route to George Town

December 17, 2010 Monster Lobster slayed at Little San Salvador

December 16, 2010 Little Tunny caught en route to Little San Salvador

December 12, 2010 Cero caught en route to Eleuthra, Bahamas

November 11, 2010
-Barely Legal (but delicious nonetheless) Lobster (“Larry”)

- Speared a Snapper

- 4 Lobster

- 3 Lobster (one being the biggest Ted has ever caught)

- 6 Conch

- Caught a Black Fin Tuna
- Caught an Amberjack

- Speared a Grouper
- 1 Lobster
- Too many conch to count

- Barracuda

-Speared a Rock Hind Grouper
-2 Lobster

-Speared a Rock Hind Grouper
-1 Lobster

-Caught a Cero

7 Responses to Catch of the Day

  1. Carlos Zepeda says:

    Did you check the lobster’s ID before or after you took the nude pictures?

    Good luck on all your new adventures, I’m tracking you guys all the way.

    Former Squab of the Salty Dog,

  2. just checking out the video after casting off, it is perfect. almost got teary eyed you guys have a blast and be safe! dad and mom

  3. Aunt Joey says:

    Nude pictures ? ewhhhhhhhhhhh!

  4. Rene says:

    That’s a long list to only be accompanied by one photo…

  5. Jorge Grillo says:

    What, no speared manatee pictures?

  6. Danny B says:

    Mixed bag. Some nice catches by a guy who had no idea how to fish. jajajaj glad to see you guys are having a BLAST. Keep writing and we will keep following you and living vicariously through you.

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