Captain and Crew

Captain: Ted Traynor

Bio: His experience with a 14-foot monohull during high school make him the most experienced sailor of the Tortilla Flotilla. This scares him more than anything ever. Nevertheless, his love for the Salty Dog and her crew make him determined to take them anywhere they want to go.


1st Mate: Shannon Traynor

Bio: While she may have never sailed before purchasing the Salty Dog, Shannon brings a sound mind and a calm demeanor during crises that keep the crew together during both good times and bad.


2nd Mate: Admiral Gimpy

Bio: As the only member of the Salty Dog Crew with any open water credentials, Admiral Gimpy was the first choice (no offense Frank) to be the 2nd mate of the crew. She brings not only experience,but also a cohesion, which could not be taught in any maritime class. Her effect on morale is invaluable.


2nd Mate/Videographer: Frank Traynor (currently on temporary leave)

Bio: Frank Traynor, a brother from the same mother, livin’ the contemporary young adult lifestyle/education. FXT was remarkably able to join the flotilla and leave the country within three days (with no passport) which made him the perfect candidate for the coveted position of 2nd mate aboard the Salty Dog during her Caribbean adventures.

5 Responses to Captain and Crew

  1. momma says:

    these videos are so awesome. you all will remember this forever and be able to look back at how young and darn good looking you are. I love you and miss you. It was a lovely but quieter Thanksgiving , for sure. thankful for you three.

  2. KMOO says:

    Hey guys, u all look great and I am super jealous….lol. Hope all is going well. I just wanted to wish you guys a very happy holidays sailing those high seas. We miss u. Lots of love.

  3. dr. mcteague says:

    Merri Crima, ok?

  4. Aunt Joey says:

    Hey guys! Love seeing all the photos. Sounds like you are making amazing memories. Happy Birthday to my girl. Lots of hugs and kisses to you both. Oh by the way, Oliver wants to know if Gimpy can pick up a sombrero for him. Gimpy’s looks like the perfect size for Oliver!!!! : )

  5. Dirty Sanchez says:

    WAZZZAAAAAAA! We are happy to see that you guys are having so much fun on your trip. Love the beard Ted…you look like Tome Hanks in Castaway just a lot more handsome and manlier. Happy belated B-day Shannon! We miss you guys and wish you guys the best. Our little dude (Aidan Parker) will be here soon and we can’t wait for you guys to meet him. Spencer wanted me to attach an inappropriate picture of himself for Gimpy, but I was able to talk him down a simple “hello”. We’re happy to see you guys living out your dreams. Much Love,
    Wally (the dirtiest Sanchez you’ll ever know), Ari, Aidan, and Spencer

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